About US

MSH is a nonprofit 501c3 organization. Formed by two sisters Vanessa Olivares and Wanda Zenrick, these two sisters have been impacted by lifes injustice to the lost, hurt, and broken. Vanessa being the sister who lost here way in 2002, and her sister being the hope for the both of them has now been touched to see other women find freedom in ALL areas of their lives. So, they have come together in hopes of acquiring a TRANSITION HOUSE in rural farm area, in Volusia County for women who have been victims of human trafficking and recidivism. With the farm area in mind MSH also hopes to use it as a sanctuary for abused and abandoned farm animals. The goal here is to adopt and foster hurt animals so the women can help heal them back to life. We believe that serving others need brings healing in our own lives. This is a BIG TASK but, nothing too BIG for GOD and the help of our community.