Vanessa's Story

I had never thought I would be where I am today, or have what I have without God....

Well, my story began when I was introduced to crack as marijuana in a pipe in 2003. I had just moved here from Ma. I had only been here 2 years and just had a baby. Things were great I was working at Universal Studios and was in a good place. I come from a broken family and as raised in the foster care system. At the age of 12 I was smoking cigarettes and marijuana. Hard core street drugs were not my thing and seeing how bad my parents ended up I know that was not the life for me. Until that day, I was trick into smoking out of a pipe, what was suppose to be marijuana was actually crack cocaine. That day I feel in love and everything went down hill from there. I slowly drained the bank account, started pawning and selling all my jewelry. then stealing from my family, eventually I stopped coming home. I was then in dept with the dope dealer whos' intentions where to use me as a working girl on the streets of 441 O.B.T. Throughout 2003-2007 my life was a constant revolving door of incarceration, destruction, abuse, and homelessness. Lost in the streets I would cry out to god "why me?" not knowing that god would answer this "why" in my release in 2007. in 2005 I was sentenced to 18 months in prison, upon my release, instead of going back to the streets I asked about an alternative. The Chaplin of the prison suggested a transition home in Lakeland. There is where my love for Jesus was formed in a way that gave me the ability to withstand my temptations of relapse because i know I had a loving Heavenly Father who I could lean on for strength when I was weak. My recovery and salvation became so real in a way that was doable for me. So simple all I needed was my heart OPEN to the FATHER who loves me even with all my imperfections. All I had to do was continually saturate in HIM graceful love.

My past will shape my future for the best because I have a purpose! That purpose is to show Gods mercy and grace to ALL and be that example of love to other women trapped by the bounds abuse, no one is fallen short from Gods grace. Empowering women of human trafficking and incarceration is my ministry. We are believing God for a transition house for the ladies who come out of prison and what to better their lives. My sister Wandy and I are partners in this mission to bring hope to the hopeless.

Victorious In HIM,
Vanessa Olivares
Co founder/CEO